Etherscape is currently in alpha phase. As a result, all details on this site are still subject to change.

What is Etherscape?

Etherscape is a multiplayer online rogue-lite action RPG with a crypto backend that allows users to own and trade their items. It gives players the control to mint NFT's based on the randomized loot that they find while playing. This enables a player driven economy in which the players control the creation of NFT's directly.

Gameplay Trailer

Design Philosophy

These are the design pillars that The Etherscape is focusing on...

  • A player driven economy backed by digital ownership.

  • All features of the game are open to players with minimal barrier to entry from block chain integration.

  • Rogue-lite perma-death mechanics to create tense gaming moments that matter.

  • A diverse set of randomized loot which is powerful enough to alter the way you play the game.

  • Horizontal progression allowing players to engage in new content regularly.

  • Always on multiplayer in which teaming up is always beneficial.

  • Multiverse collaborations giving cross game utility to items.

  • All gameplay should provide some tangible progress for the player.

Play the Alpha Now

Alpha players have already been granted access to the servers. If you want to join in the alpha now the get involved with the community on our Discord channel. In order to get access to the alpha you need an Alpha Contract NFT in your wallet. For engaged community members we are currently giving them out for free. In the future they will be listed for sale on of players who want early alpha access. You can also join the alpha waitlist here.

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