What does Rogue-lite mean?

Rogue is an iconic text-based RPG game from the early 80's. It pioneered many of the game mechanics that have become very popular today (especially in indie games). The Etherscape is not striving to copy the game design of Rogue, but we are drawing some critical inspiration from it. So, when we say rogue-lite, there are some very important game mechanics that we mean...

  • Perma-death. When a character dies, they are... dead.

  • Randomly generated levels

  • Dynamically generated loot

Death Matters

A great game should have real risk-reward mechanics that get your heart rate up when you are taking on a serious challenge. This is why death is permanent in The Etherscape. When your character dies any items that are not Etherbound will be lost, and you will have to start over. This makes you think hard before you take your best items into a difficult area. However, the harder the area the greater the rewards.

Procedurally Generated Content

The Etherscape is filled with procedurally generated content to keep it interesting even after lots of play time. Loot, maps, dungeons and quests will all have procedurally generated elements to them so that each play through will be different with new surprises.

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