Player Driven

Having a player driven economy is one of the core design principles of The Etherscape. This means that The Etherscape team will not be minting NFT's to sell to players at high prices for their own profit. NFT's will be directly tied to gameplay accomplishment driven by the player community.

Randomized Loot

Item Types

There is a variety of different item types that your character can equip into different slots. What kind of items can be used by your character will be determined by their class. Examples of item types include...

  • Weapons (Melee, Ranged, Magic)

  • Armor (Light, Medium, Heavy)

  • Trinkets

  • Account Upgrades

  • Crafting Resources

  • Gold / Currencies

Item Rarity

All item types also have different rarities. The rarities in the game are the following...

  • Common (Grey)

  • Magic (Blue)

  • Rare (Green)

  • Epic (Purple)

  • Legendary (Orange)

  • Sacred Legendary (Yellow)

  • Ascended Legendary (Cyan)

  • Artifact (Red)

The rarer an item is, the stronger it will be. Rare / Epic / Legendary items can be Etherbound at the Etherforge in order to turn them into tradable NFTs that do not get destroyed on death. Artifacts are extremely rare items which are always Etherbound and have a limited number of copies enforced by the blockchain. You can read about item drop rates based on rarity here.

Sacred Legendary and Ascended Legendary items are extremely rare and are designed for the most involved or hardcore players. Game content is designed to not require this level of item in order to ensure accessibility to all players.

Play to Own

Because Etherbound items on stored on chain in your wallet, you really own them. You can trade them on NFT markets. If the item is rare and valuable it could become worth a significant amount of real-world money.

Other account upgrades in the game will also be recorded on chain. This means that if you were to purchase and upgrade you could trade or sell that upgrade to someone else if you no longer want it. For example, you might purchase an upgrade to increase the size of your stash. Instead of this being permanently bound to your account, you could trade it someone in the future for a different account upgrade.


In addition to other properties, items can also have a randomly rolled rune attached to them. Equipping multiple items with specific rune combinations will add powerful bonuses to your character. Runes are similar to item sets found in other games. However, they do not dictate the exact item that is required for the set since any item could be rolled with the desired rune. As a result, runes highly encourage trading in order to collect items with matching runes of the desired type to optimize your build.

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