This feature was approved by the community in governance proposal #4. Implementation will be done before the first items reach their first birthday (around June, 2024).


The heirloom system is designed to provide additional benefits to the earliest NFT's that were minted into the Etherscape collection. It provides an additional attribute to items giving bonuses based on their age from when they were minted.


All items that are "Etherbound" resulting in them being minted on chain have a creation date that they were minted on in their metadata. There will be a centralized process which monitors the minted items and checks their creation age. When the creation age crosses each year mark the items metadata will be updated to have the new attribute which will then provide the new bonus amount. The metadata update could take up to a week to take effect depending on various on chain factors.

Bonuses will be rounded up to make sure they provide some minimum benefit. For example, if an item has 10% magic find and a 3% bonus it will round up to 11% magic find (even though the math results in only 10.3% magic find).

Item Bonus Schedule

Items will receive an increase to their stats of 3% for every year of their age up to a maximum for 30% bonus after 10 years. They will also receive a special "Heirloom" attribute based on their age. Below is the schedule at which they will receive the bonus and its corresponding attribute.

AgeAttribute NameStat Bonus

1 year



2 year



3 year



4 year



5 - 9 year



10 + years



Impacted Statistics

Not every statistic will be impacted by the bonus % provided by the heirloom system. The following stats are the ones that will benefit from the bonus...

  • Base Damage/Armor

  • Damage/Armor %

  • + Damage/Armor

  • + Fire/Ice/Electric/Poison Damage

  • + Crit Damage

  • + Resist All

  • + Fire/Ice/Electric/Poison Resist

  • Magic Find %

  • Gold Drop %

  • Exp Gain %

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