You are Etherborn

In The Etherscape you play as a character who is "Etherborn". This means that you have an immortal soul that resurrects upon death. When your character dies it is permanent and they will be lost forever. However, your soul will resurrect into a new body with a new appearance and capabilities. Also, any items that have been Etherbound will pass through death with you.


Each time that your character is resurrected you will come back in a new form with new abilities...


Each time that you are resurrected into a new character you will be able to select a new class to play as. Each class has a different abilities, statistics and item types which changes the way that you will play with them. Below are some examples of different classes and abilities in the game.

Several classes will be unlocked immediately upon starting the game. However, others will have to be earned by acquiring specific NFT items. The items can either be earned in game or acquired by trading on NFT marketplaces.

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