Etherbound Items

In the Etherscape death matters and as a result all your items are lost when you die... unless they are Etherbound. Etherbound items are minted as NFT's and deposited into your wallet. The process makes them indestructible so that they will stay with you even through death.

Minting NFT's

While adventuring you will come across plentiful amounts of loot from the enemies that you defeat. If you get a drop that you determine to be valuable enough, then you can take it to the etherforge where it can be upgraded into an Etherbound item for a small cost of Enjin Coin or Gems.

Etherbound items are minted as NFT's and then deposited directly into your crypto wallet. You now fully own them and can do what you want with them. Etherbound items in your wallet will load into the game so that you can use them during gameplay. They can also be traded or sold on the marketplace with real world value.

The costs that are paid for minting and trading items are then used to fund development of future content as well as fund a community wallet which will be used to create NFT content that goes directly back to player such as air drops or competitions.

Item Stasis

When you die while you have an etherbound item equipped it will go into stasis. Items in stasis cannot be equipped until the timeout expires. This is to ensure risk/reward is still maintained for players that have fully etherbound equipment. You can unlock stasis early using gems by visiting the Underworld Dealer in town. Below is the stasis time per item type...

LevelRarityStasis Time



1.4 hours



10 hours



20 hours


Sacred Legendary

40 hours


Ascended Legendary

80 hours

Stasis time is linear based on level. So, a level 1 item would have 1/10th the stasis time as a level 10 item. Another example would be a level 5 item would have half the stasis time of a level 10 item.

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