Crafting is an important part of the progression in The Etherscape allowing you to perfect the items necessary to enhance your characters build.

Salvaging Items

If you find items that you don't need, you can choose to salvage them into resources to use for crafting. There are various resource types...

  • Spare Parts (Common)

  • Magic Components (Magic)

  • Enchanted Fragments (Rare)

  • Elemental Matter (Epic)

  • Legendary Infusion (Legendary)


Spare Parts


Magic Components


Enchanted Fragments


Elemental Matter


Legendary Infusion


Spirit Shards

After you reach the maximum level of 10, you will earn a spirit shard every time that your earn enough experience for another level. Spirit shards are epic resources that are critical for crafting and enchanting items.

Enchanting Items

The Enchanter allows you to re-roll a single item property on an item you have found. The allows you to tweak that item to bring it in alignment with your builds needs. Only one property for an item can be enchanted and each time you enchant it the cost goes up. Each enchantment requires some gold and resources depending on the item level and rarity.

The Etherforge

The Etherforge is a unique crafting station which can be used in order to turn an ordinary item into an etherbound item. It requires various rare resources as well as a certain amount of Enjin Coin depending on the rarity of the item. Learn about how to use the Etherforge here.


Gems are a scarce resource which are required for performing block chain transactions. This includes activities such as minting items to your wallet using the Etherforge and purchasing account upgrades. Currently they can only be acquired by completing daily and weekly achievements.

In the future you will be able to use Efinity/Enjin coin directly for minting items instead of needing to acquire gems.

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