Enjin Blockchain Tips

This page contains some helpful tips for working with Enjin Blockchain.

Different Kinds of ENJ

There are a couple different kinds of ENJ coin to be aware of. All chain interactions for Etherscape are built on top of Enjin Matrixchain.


Enjin Matrixchain

The core NFT chain built on top of Enjin Blockchain. All interactions with Etherscape use this chain. It is also the chain used by NFT.io. The address starts with "ef".

Enjin Relaychain

The governance chain for Enjin Blockchain. This chain is used when interacting with exchanges like HTX and MEXC. It is also used for staking to secure the chain and earn governance rewards. The address starts with "en"


This is the legacy version of Enjin built on ERC-20 (Ethereum). It is not used in game. However, using the Enjin Wallet app you can convert it to Enjin Matrixchain (but you must pay ETH gas fees for the transaction).


This is the legacy version of Efinity which has now been converted into the Enjin Matrixchain. You can convert it to Enjin Matrixchain at a 4:1 ratio (but you must pay ETH gas fees for the transaction).

Exchanges that Support Enjin Blockchain

If you want to buy ENJ directly on ENJ blockchain (instead of ERC-20 which takes 24 hours and ETH gas fees to migrate) then this is a list of exchanges that support it...

  • Binance (not Binance.US)

  • MEXC

  • HTX

  • KuCoin

How to Migrate ENJ from ERC-20

If you have ERC-20 ENJ (such as what is currently sold on Coinbase) then you can migrate it to Enjin Blockchain using the Enjin Wallet. Detailed istructions are here...

ERC-20 ENJ Migration Steps

How to get Enjin Matrixchain ENJ in the US

It can be challenging to acquire Enjin Matrixchain ENJ in the US due to Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Most of the exchanges that support Enjin Matrixchain do not support KYC for the US. The exchanges that do support the US such as Coinbase and Binance US are still on the ERC-20 version of Enjin. Below are some instructions you can follow to cheaply acquire Enjin Matrixchain ENJ while in the US.

  1. Create an account on HTX using your email account.

  2. Acquire USDT from your preferred US exchange (like Coinbase, Binance US or Robinhood).

  3. Transfer the USDT to your HTX account. Make sure you use a matching chain for the sender and receiver (like both ERC-20 or both Solana)

  4. Once on HTX, you can swap the USDT for ENJ (no KYC required).

  5. Once you have ENJ you can withdraw it from HTX to your relay chain wallet address (starts with "en"). The transfer fee is very tiny and KYC is not required (under 1 BTC worth per day).

  6. Once it is in your wallet, use the Enjin app to teleport from the Enjin Relaychain to the Enjin Matrixchain.

  7. You can now use your ENJ in Etherscape or NFT.io

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