Community Wallet

The Community Wallet is exactly what it sounds like. It is a wallet which holds funds which have been set aside by the development team for community initiatives. All sources of income for The Etherscape are divided between development funding and the community wallet at the following rates...

  • Development funding (75%)

  • Community wallet (25%)

Income Sources

These are the various sources of income that will provide a 25% distribution to the community wallet.

  • Marketplace royalties from any tokens in The Etherscape collection.

  • Sale value for any account upgrade tokens sold by the The Etherscape team.

  • Sale value of any “gem” sales which are a premium in game currency.

  • Rewards from The Etherscape validator / nomination pool.

Community Wallet Uses

How the funds from the community wallet are spent is determined by the votes in the governance system. Various options for how the funds could be spent include the following...

  • Air drops to the player community

  • Events and competitions with rewards

  • Reward players for participation in governance

  • Subsidize player’s transaction costs using Fuel Tanks

  • Provide grants to other creators building projects on ENJ

  • Fund collaborations to create cross game metaverse tokens

Once the game is live, the contents of the community wallet will be published publicly so that all players can see how much funds are available.

Viewing the Wallet

You can view the balance of the community wallet over time in game by opening the wallet window and selecting the 'C' button in the upper left.

You can also view it on SubScan here.

You can view the official legal disclaimer for the community wallet here.

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