Token Types

There are a few categories of tokens in The Etherscape. It is good to understand these to help you make decisions about what tokens you might want to buy or sell on the marketplace. Below is a description of each type.



These are items that can be equipped on your character and used directly in gameplay. The dev team never mints these to ensure the players are in control of the economy. They are also minted by players in the Etherforge.

The governance token with a limited supply of 10M. Beyond voting, more utility will be continually added to these tokens. They are designed to increase in value over time.

These are sold by the dev team to unlock features in your account such as increase stash space or new playable classes. They should be thought of like DLC. They can be resold on-chain but are not expected to increase in value over time.

Exclusive Upgrades

These are account upgrades of a limited supply. They can only be earned during specific events or timed content. They are expected to retain or increase in value due their chain enforced scarcity.



These are tokens from collections not owned by The Etherscape that are given in game utility. Their value can vary widely depending on the collection they come from.

Free Upgrades

These are minor account upgrades that are given away in large numbers (usually through Enjin beams). They are not expected to maintain value and are more of a marketing tool.

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