Future Plans

A few of the future plans on how we can further leverage blockchain in The Etherscape

Land Ownership

There are several towns and cities in The Etherscape that serve as player hubs. They allow players to congregate, equip their characters, craft new items, trade and form parties. Around these town hubs exists plots of land which players can purchase the deeds for. When you own a plot of land you will be able to customize it to your liking in order to display your achievements. You will also be able to create resource generating structures such as mines or workshops which will generate you crafting resources over time. The effectiveness of those structures will be determined by how many Imperial Sovereigns are "staked" into them.

Land Deeds

Ownership of land is determined by an NFT called a deed. When land becomes available to own there will be an auction for its deed. The winner of the auction will receive the land deed in their crypto wallet. Holding this deed will allow you to modify and use this land in game. The deed can also be sold or traded on crypto markets.

Land Expansion

In several popular games land is so scarce that is has become worth huge amounts of money. In some cases, even selling for millions of dollars. This cause gameplay involving owning land to become cost prohibitive. As a result, in The Etherscape, there will be the founding of new towns as the population grows in order to open up new inventory of land. This will allow the cost to increase at a tenable rate in order to not lock out large amounts of players from land owning content. Founding of new towns will eventually be voted on using the governance rules described below.


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