Item Properties

There are a large number of different item properties which are randomly assigned to loot found in The Etherscape. This page describes the different kinds of properties that you will find.

Property Types

Below is a list of the different kinds of properties you will find on items...

Primary vs Secondary Properties

When items are rolled, they will have a set number of primary and secondary attributes. Primary attributes are generally more powerful. When updating properties at the enchanter, you can only replace attributes with another of the same type (for example a primary with another primary).

The possible number of attributes for an item are based on its rarity. Below is how they are rolled...

Attack and Defense Rating

Attack and defense ratings are computed for every item in order to give a quick a rough comparison between them. They don't take all aspects of an item into account but will give the high-level idea of how the item will impact your ability to deal damage as well as your survivability.

Attack Rating Calculation

The attack rating gives a rough idea of how much damage you can deal per second. It sums together the damage for all damage types combined with your critical hit change, critical hit damage and attack speed.

Defense Rating Calculation

The defense rating gives a rough idea of how much damage you can take before you will die. It takes into account your total health pool and how much your armor and resistances will prevent damage to you.

Attack Patterns

It is possible for high level weapons to be rolled with a special attack pattern. These will change how many projectiles a weapons attack creates and in what pattern they will move. Some attack patterns are extremely rare, but also extremely powerful. The attack patterns that weapons can be rolled with are the following...

  • Single (default)

  • Double

  • Triple

  • Spread-2

  • Spread-3

  • Spread-4

  • Spread-5

  • Nova

Attack patterns with multiple projectiles have a reduced damage per projectile. This is balanced to ensure that the total damage dealt is always higher, but still balanced. Below you can see the damage reduction per projectile depending on the projectile count...


Some items will be rolled with an ability attached to them. This will allow you to use that item similar to your own class ability. Abilities can dramatically change the ideal play style of a given character build.

Capped Properties

Some properties have a max cap on their effective value. This means that even if your items add up higher than the max cap, you won't get any in game impact for it. Below is a list of the properties with caps.

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