Governance Rewards

Governance Rewards

The Etherscape gives ENJ token rewards to players that participate in governance. Governance is a critical part of The Etherscape vision, so rewarding players encourages participation in the process in order to achieve the best outcomes. Funding for the rewards is distributed from the Community Wallet.

Rewards Process

Below is the process that is used to correlate rewards to governance participation...

  1. A new governance proposal is announced.

  2. Along with the proposal, a reward amount will be determined and announced. This reward amount is determined based on the amount of funds currently in the Community Wallet.

  3. Voting for the proposal will be open for several days.

  4. While voting is open, players can make votes depending on how many Imperial Sovereign tokens they are holding.

  5. All votes are recorded.

  6. After voting is closed, the reward distribution will be determined based on how many votes each player cast compared to the total votes cast.

  7. Rewards will be air dropped to the player wallet within a couple days after voting closes.

Example Reward Calculation

Below is an example calcluation for how a reward payout would work...

  • Governance proposal 3 is announced with a reward pool of 500 ENJ.

  • Player X has 200 Imperial Sovereigns and votes using all of them.

  • There are a total of 2000 votes cast by the entire player base by the time voting closes.

  • Player X reward rate is 200 / 2000 * 500 = 50 ENJ.

  • Player X will receive a 50 ENJ air dop to his wallet within a few days after voting closes.

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