Account Upgrades

Account upgrades are all represented as NFT items. Whatever account is attached to the wallet that contains them will automatically get access to the upgrades. This gives players the ability to sell and trade upgrades that they have earned for their account.

Example account upgrades include...

  • Magic find increase

  • Gold drop increase

  • Experience gain increase

  • Additional stash slots

  • Unlocking new classes

Class Unlocks

Over time new classes will be added to The Etherscape. Some of these classes will be immediately available for all players. Others will require you to hold a specific class sould essence in your crypto wallet. Class essence orbs will work the same way as any other account upgrade.

Below a links to existing class upgrades that can be acquired...


Account upgrades are designed to be one of the primary monetization mechanisms to provide funding to keep the servers running. There will be opportunties to earn them in game but also they can be purchased outright to help support the devs. Account upgrades will not be pay to win but rather unlock convenience functionalities or new ways to play. All purchases of account upgrades will contribute to the community wallet.

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