The World

The Etherscape is full of different procedurally generated regions for you to explore and conquer. Each area of the game has unique characteristics which will require you to adapt your play style and gear to be truly successful in. This enables horizontal scaling since the ideal build could change depending on what area you are questing in.


The town hub is where every new character starts. In town, players will be able to perform a variety of activities include the following...

  • Interact with other players

  • Purchase and sell items

  • Craft, salvage and enchant items

  • Use the Etherforge to mint NFTs

  • Embark on quests

The Underworld

When a character dies, their soul is taken to the underworld. In the underworld, the player will be able to make choices about how they will resurrect into their new character. This includes selecting which class you will become. There will be various account upgrades in the form of NFTs which will enable expanded class choices during resurrection.


Players are able to start new quests from town. Completing the quests will require fighting through enemy locations and in many cases defeating a boss character at the end. Fully completing the quest will yield powerful rewards based on the difficulty of the quest.

Quest Keys

By default, quests that are generated are random. However, from loot drops and crafting you can get quest keys in order to influence quest generation. Quest keys come in several different types...

  • Quest level keys which allow you to generate higher level quests which provide higher rewards.

  • Faction keys which all you to generate quests for a specific faction. This is very useful for completing achievements.

Land Ownership

Land ownership is in the future plans for The Etherscape.

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