Multiverse Support

The Etherscape has support for cross game / project blockchain items. The support exists at several levels in the game with new collaborations planned for the future.

Stage 1: Token Viewing (Shipped✅)

You can view your tokens from other projects in The Etherscape client. Similar to how you can view your Etherbound items in your wallet, you will be able to see your items with their metadata and attributes from other projects.

Stage 2: Generic Bonuses (Shipped✅)

You receive generic Magic Find, Gold Drop or XP bonuses for items that you have acquired from other projects. In order to keep balance, the bonus will be based on the amount of ENJ reserve in the item. Which bonus an item grants will be determined randomly based on the collection and token id. The following formulas are used...

Bonus TypeBonus per ENJ

Magic Find Bonus


Gold Drop Bonus


XP Bonus


These are the maximum bonuses that you can receive from this method...

Bonus TypeMax Value

Magic Find


Gold Find


XP Bonus


The formula used to determine a tokens bonus type is the following...

int index = (tid + cid) % 3;
if (index == 0)
    return Modifier.MagicFindPercent;
else if (index == 1)
    return Modifier.GoldDropPercent;
return Modifier.ExpGain;

So, for example if the token id is 11 and the collection id is 2300 then the following would be used...

  • 2300 + 11 = 2311

  • 2311 % 3 = 1

  • 1 -> Gold Drop Percent

Stage 3: Explicit Collaborations

For the final stage, The Etherscape will look to collaborate directly with other projects in order to provide deep experiences for cross project items. This will enable full reinterpretation of the items between the games to increase their overall utility and value. Some examples of these could be...

  • Account upgrades that work across both games

  • Skins that can be unlocked across both games

  • Furniture and objects for player owned land

  • Equipment such as weapons and armor

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