The Etherscape is integrated with a blockchain backend in order to enable players to have real ownership of their items in the game. This allows items to carry real world value so that they can be traded on crypto marketplaces.

Enjin Integration

The Etherscape has been integrated with the Enjin Blockchain in order to enable minting items as NFT's. Enjin Blockchain was selected for the following reasons...

  • A reliable blockchain platform with a well-established set of users.

  • Cheap and fast trades and transfers of NFT's.

  • A coin (Enjin Coin) which is already established and has value across platforms.

  • Developer tools to enable quick iteration.

Trading items is a core part of The Etherscape gameplay and economy, so the ability to have very cheap trading is critical to the game design. As a result, Enjin is a clear top choice for NFT integration.

Play to Own

The Etherscape takes a unique approach to the NFT Play to Own design. In most games the developers control a large portion of the currency and have control of when to mint and distribute NFT's to their players. In The Etherscape, this control is largely handed over to the players. The majority of items are randomly generated with power relative to the difficulty of acquiring them. The players can then decide when it is worthwhile to mint them into NFT's for permanent ownership.

Viewing NFT's in Game

You can view the NFT's in your wallet in game by the following steps.

  • Open the inventory by pressing 'I' or clicking the sack icon in the top left of the screen.

  • Find the drop down that says "Inventory" in the top right of the inventory window.

  • Open the drop down and select the "Etherbound" tab.

  • Now you will see your NFT items from The Etherscape collection.

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