The Arena

In The Arena, players fight through rounds of challenges of increasing difficulty. Each week the player who reaches the highest level is granted legendary rewards!

Entering the Arena

To enter the arena you will need to forge an arena key. This can be done at the crafting station for resources including 20 gems (bound or unbound). 80% of the gems are used to fund the weekly prize pool for the arena.

Once you have the arena key in hand, you can head over to the Arena Recruiter outside the tavern in town. He will allow you to start a new arena session or to resume one in progress.

Completing Rounds

Each arena session is broken into rounds. Between rounds you can interact with the merchant, salvage and your stash. You can also leave the arena between rounds and your state will be saved. You can come back at any time that week to resume your session.

You can start the round by interacting with the start round star on the far right of the arena map. Once the round is started, you are committed to completing it. If you leave the arena before completing it that will end your session. You will still get rewards based on how many rounds you completed. Death will also end the session but still grant you rewards.

Every 4th round will be a boss round. After completing the boss round the level of enemies will increase and the faction type will change randomly.

Arena Bonuses

After you complete a round you will get a chance to select a random bonus for your character. This will allow you to enchance your build as you progress through the arena. The bonuses come in rarities of common, rare, epic and legendary. Every 20 rounds that you complete you are guaranteed a legendary bonus.

Arena Challenges

After completing a round, a new challenge is added for the next round. This challenge will increase the difficulty of the round in some way. As the arena level gets higher, more difficult challenges are introduced. The 4th round is a boss round and will have the same 3 challenges as the previous round. After the boss is defeated the challenges will reset and start again.


Arena sessions last for 1 week. During that period, a leaderboard is kept for the top 100 players. After the week ends, rewards are given to those players and a new session begins. The first player to achieve a particular level will be the highest ranked of all players that achieve that same level in that week.


The arena provides two kinds of rewards. The first is bonus chests. Bonus chests are rewarded after defeating a boss every 4 rounds. The chests level and magic find will increase based on how high of a round was completed.

The second type of rewards are based on your weekly rank on the leaderboard. Ranked players for the week will receive rewards based on their ranking based on the following...

  • The top 5 players will receive gems based on their rank.

  • The top 10 players will receive 5 items. The next 10 will receive 4 items and so on. All players in the top 100 will receive at least 1 item.

  • The magic find of the items you receive will be 50,000% - (500% * your rank)

Here is an example of what rewards would look like if the weekly prize pool had 1000 bound and 1000 unbound gems in it...



500 bound + 500 unbound

5 items rolled at 50,000% MF


250 bound + 250 unbound

5 items rolled at 49,500% MF


120 bound + 120 unbound

5 items rolled at 49,000% MF


80 bound + 80 unbound

5 items rolled at 48,500% MF


50 bound + 50 unbound

5 items rolled at 48,000% MF



5 items rolled at 47,500% MF



4 items rolled at 45,000% MF



4 items rolled at 41,000% MF



3 items rolled at 40,500% MF



1 items rolled at 25,500% MF



1 items rolled at 10,500% MF



1 items rolled at 500% MF

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