Feature Roadmap

Below is a rough roadmap of features that we intend to add to The Etherscape. It is not meant to be comprehensive, but rather to give a rough idea of what is in the plan. This does not include continuous efforts such as adding new playable content like new enemy types and dungeon types.

Timelines all always subject to change and reordered based on what is the best for the community as well as external factors like changes in the block chain.


Mail System

The mail system will allow the developers to easily send messages to players in game which can also have attached items. This will allow us to air drop rewards to people.

✅ July

Luxury Merchant

Allows you to buy account upgrades which are tokens that give you specific bonuses (like more stash slots). This feature already exists but needs to be reworked for Gems.

✅ July

Class Trees

Classes will be enhanced to have basic skill trees which allows them to be customized as they are leveled up.

✅ Aug

Multiple Character Slots

Allow an account to have multiple characters at the same time.

✅ Aug

Item Crafting

Allow different kinds of item crafting... - Craft random items using resources - Use "recipes" to craft special high level items including artifacts (not yet)

✅ Sept

Utility for all Tokens

Grant in game utility for all Enjin tokens held in a player's wallet

✅ Sept

Metaverse Collaborations

Add the ability for tokens from other creator's collections to unlock specific utility in The Etherscape.

✅ Oct

Quest Improvements

Improve the diversity of the different kinds of quests and the combat mechanics required.

✅ Nov

Social Improvements

Add a way to view who is currently connected to the server and to whisper chat directly with players.

✅ Oct

Community Wallet

Adding in support for handling The Etherscape treasury wallet in making payouts to the community wallet.

✅ Dec


An in-game marketplace that can browse the on-chain listings seen on NFT.io.

✅ Dec


A new gameplay mode in which the player must battle through an Arena with increasing difficulty.


Open Alpha Prep

Performance and balance changes needed to advance to open alpha.


Gem Market

An in-game market where ENJ can be used to buy or sell Gems.


Open Alpha Release

Add support for managed wallets and release onto a game launcher to begin open alpha.



New rune system which allows for powerful set bonuses on items.


Metaverse Achievements

Add achievements which will mint tokens to your wallet which have utility in other games.


Starting Journey Achievements

A set of achievements meant to introduce new players to the features of the game. This will probably come along with some kind of tutorial experience.


New Region

Launch a new region with a new environment, new enemies and new item types.


Towns and nearby regions will have land plots which can be owned by players. They will be able to customize their land including with objects that grant in game bonuses or resources over time.



We are brainstorming ways to represent guilds on-chain. There are not concrete plans here yet, but we are thinking about it.


Rendering Outfits

This change will make it so that your characters in game appearance reflects the armor that you are wearing.


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