How to Use the Etherforge

This page gives you quick walk through on how to use the Etherforge. Items put through the Etherforge are called Etherbound and are created as an NFT in your Enjin Wallet. Etherbound items will not be lost on death and can be traded and sold on

1. Find an item you want to mint

You need to start by finding an item drop that is good enough that you want to keep it or trade it. Only items that are rare or better can be Etherbound (not common or magic items).

2. Gather the required resources.

Etherforging an item requires a set of resources depending on the rarity of the item. You can learn more about resources here. All Etherforge recipes require gems which can be earned by completing achievements.

3. Go to the Etherforge

The Etherforge is located north east of the town center near the salvage station.

4. Put your item into the Etherforge

Drag or right click your item to place it into the Etherforge. It will show the required resources in the slots below the item. If any are highlighted with a red background it means you don't have the required resources. If you have all the required resources then click the "Forge" button.

5. Let the forge do its work

After clicking forging the item and resources will be removed from your inventory. The forge window will show a loading spinner and give you an update about its current state. This stage can take a minute while the blockchain is confirming the new NFT.

6. Your item will arrive

Once the minting is complete, the Etherforge will become empty again. It can take 30 seconds or so for the item to show up in the Etherbound section of your inventory. You will then be able to see it in your wallet and on

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