Below is a list of active multiverse collaborations that have integration with the The Etherscape.

The Enjin Multiverse is a historic collection with utility across many games. Support for these tokens is now present in Etherscape as well! Read on below to see the utility for each support token.

In the vast expanse of the multiverse, a convergence of titanic proportions unfolds. From distant realms, legions of enigmatic automatons, known only as the Cosmechs, embark on a sacred odyssey towards Axiom City. Drawn by the allure of serving the ancient Axiomech guardians, these interdimensional wanderers are guided by the celestial currents of the Triaxiom. Arriving in pairs, the Cosmechs meld their essence with their vehicles, a harmonious fusion of driver and gunner. They align themselves with one of three factions that shape the destiny of the Axiom Realm.

Steam Cores

Unlock a powerful AOE attack in Axiomech by holding one of the 3 highest upgrade tiers of the Steam Core.

The Axiom Loyalty Token is a utility NFT used across the Axiomech ecosystem. It provides whitelisting for wallets, +1% ability charge rate and improved crafting for Axiomech. It also provides magic find and gold drop utility in Etherscape.

WeHop is a premium PFP project on the Enjin Blockchain. Holding a common hop will unlock the "WeHop Lucky Rabbit" pet. This is a friendly white rabbit that will grant you some better luck in finding great loo. For those who hold a coveted 1/1 hop, they will unlock the "WeHop 1/1" pet which provides more magic find and is a nice Enjin purple color.

The Etherscape's first multiverse collaboration is with Steven Dutenhoefner's Enjin Robots collection. The Steam Engineer token from this collection unlocks the Steam Engineer as a playable class in game.

The second ever multiverse collaboration is with the 3D Anime project. The Clockwork Mender token from this collection unlocks the Clockwork Mender class. This class brings 2 new abilities to the game which are "Mend" and "Clockwork Burst".

Fermus is a long time great of the Enjin community and if you follow along on Telegram, X or Discord then you will certainly recognize his name. However, this is not just a typical token level collaboration. Fermus has taken it to the next level and composed custom music tracks especially for The Etherscape!

The bad bears collection is created by @ScottieTash and has been around since the early days of Enjin. They have a history of multiverse collaborations across many projects and now they have come to The Etherscape as well. Check out their "Bar-bear-ian" token which unlocks access to the barbarian class in game!

The Multiverse Brotherhood [MvB] is a clan of dedicated web3 gamers that have stood the test of time. Their collections hold many unique items that can be earned across a variety of games. You can now sport your clan tag in Etherscape! Keep your eyes open for a chance to earn an Etherscape MvB clan tag in the future!

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