Development Status

This page gives a brief status of our current development progress

July 2024 Release (0.13.1)


  • Add support for equipable pets

  • TODO: first pets added

  • Support for Axiom Loyalty Token multiverse token

  • Support for Tramyarus Quarter multiverse token

  • Support for The Mask of U'thuchul multiverse token

  • Support for Stormwall multiverse token

  • Support for Primythical Chest multiverse token

  • Added ally panel showing the health of nearby allies

  • Added quick ability mode enabling casting without clicking

  • Added setting to always show player nameplates

  • Added damage log to track sources of damage to the player

  • Fix for major networking bug from Unity was shipped

  • Migrated from Coinbase to Kucoin for ENJ price reading

  • Fixed a bug causing enemies to wander off after losing aggro

  • 10-20 other small fixes for bugs

May 2024 Release (0.12.1)


  • Added support for world events that spawn at a specific clock time

  • Added caps for the max players in a specific quest / event

  • World events spawn multiple instances based on the number of players that join

  • Added the Clockwork Invasion world event

  • Added the Iron Colossus legendary world boss

  • Iron Colossus has new Binding Pillars ability which restrict movement

  • Iron Colossus has new Healing Pillars ability which heal enemies

  • Added new resource "steam cogs" which drop from Steam Brigade enemies

  • Added Steam Cores of 5 levels which can be upgrade in the Etherforge

  • New Clockwork Robot enemy type and player class

  • New Lightning Burst ability

  • New Nanobots ability

  • Bosses and Elites now have a stamina bar which depletes from crowed control events

  • Fixes to enemy damage calculations which were wrong

  • Fixes for achievement credit in some cases

  • Fixes for certain edge cases when minting items on chain

  • Added Armor Type and Weapon Type on chain data

  • Several other small and random fixes

Next Focus

  • Pets

April 2024 Release (0.11.1)


  • Open Alpha is here. Alpha contracts are no longer necessary to log in.

  • 500 alpha contracts will be burned to increase their scarcity and reward current holders.

  • Server queues are added to prepare for higher player volumes.

  • Queue power will allow you to get through the server queue faster. Alpha contracts give 10 queue power (not stackable) and Imperial Sovereigns give 1 queue power (stackable).

  • Idle players will now disconnect after 10 minutes (if the server is busy) to free up server space.

  • Private quests are now available for players holding 200 Imperial Sovereigns. They are able to specify a password on the quest to limit access

  • A gameplay Tutorial is now added to help players learn the basics after first joining the game. (Advanced players can disable the tutorial).

  • New "Journey" achievements are added which continue the process of walking new players through many of the game features and rewarding their progress.

  • New achievement types have been added into the pool for daily and weekly achievements.

  • New bonuses are added to Imperial Sovereigns and Heroic Marks to give double spirit shard chance.

  • Managed wallets are now supported. This allows players to create an account and start playing without having a self-custody Enjin wallet. (migrating from a managed to self-custody wallet will come in a future release).

  • Confirming your email address via the validation link is now required to log in.

February 2024 Release (0.10.1)


  • Gem Market is live allowing swapping ENJ for gems and vice versa

  • Drop rates per enemy were adjusted to make sure higher levels provide more drops per minute played

  • XP per kill was adjusted to make sure higher levels provide more XP per minute played

  • Ability cooldowns have been added back.

  • Skills have been adjusted to have either a cooldown, energy cost or mix of both

  • New affixes added that can drop for items

    • Cooldown reduction is back

    • + class ability levels

    • + class attack skills

    • + class defense skills

    • + class utility skills

  • New AI tactics for some enemy types

    • Adjusting attack angles over time

    • Circling enemy

    • Teleporting occasionally

    • Dashing occasionally

  • Improved enemy group generation to add more variety of group composition

  • Demons and Redhorns have been merged into the Demonic Horde

  • Fishman and Golems have been merged into the Cursed Tide

  • Faction keys removed from crafting station (they still drop as loot randomly)

  • Skill trainer now can boost your level for gems

  • Imperial Sovereign bonus to reduce cost of skill trainer

  • Etherbound items equipped during death will be put into stasis which prevents them from being used again for a period of time.

  • New underworld dealer which can remove stasis early from locked items

  • Imperial Sovereign bonus to reduce cost of stasis removal

  • New Multiverse items enabled

    • Aeonclipse Key

    • Oindrasdain

    • Starbow

    • Wanderer's Elixir

    • MvB Clan Tag

  • New attack patterns Pent, Hex and 6 Spread

  • Governance Proposal 4 passed. The Heirloom system will be added.

  • Governance Proposal 5 passed. The community wallet will be used to add bonus gems to heroic chests and arena.

  • Mines now won't trigger for 1 second after they appear

  • Fixed a bug causing projectiles to spread out unintentionally for scaled up enemies

  • Etherforge recipes now scale in cost based on item level (gem cost doesn't change though).

  • Characters are granted a short 3 second safety period after changing levels to avoid instant death

  • Salvage achievements now get credit for items of higher rarity than the goal (ex. You can salvage magic items to get credit for the common salvage achievement).

  • Fixed a bug allowing players to dash through walls if their move speed is high enough.

  • Performance improvements in physics checks, timed effect management and particles to improve client frame rate

Next Focus

  • Preparing for open alpha release

  • In game tutorial to ramp up new players

  • Support for Fuel Tanks and Managed Wallets

  • New multiverse collaborations

  • New events with exclusive rewards

January 2024 Release (0.9.1)


  • Shipped the new Arena system

    • Use an arena key to start a new run

    • Arena keys can be crafted using resources and gems

    • Arena runs are broken into rounds. Leaving in the middle of a round ends your run (but you can leave between rounds).

    • Arena rounds still include permadeath, but you can town portal at any time to save your life

    • After each round completes new random challenges are added.

    • Every 4 rounds is a boss challenge. After completing the boss the level of enemies is increased for the next round.

    • After each round the player can pick a bonus which will take effect for them for the rest of their run.

    • For each 4 rounds completed you will earn a bonus chest. The quality of the chest depends on the level of the round you completed.

  • New arena leaderboard

    • After each round your rank on the leaderboard is updated

    • Each week the leaderboard is reset

    • The top 100 arena players receive weekly bonuses with gems being granted to the top 5

  • Heroic keys now come in bound and unbound varieties

  • Heroic caches now keep track of rewards separately for bound and unbound gems

  • Refactored heroic reward chests to give a different count based on the tier

  • Higher tier heroic quests no longer give better odds for the heroic cache (instead they give more chests which implicitly means better odds)

  • New logic has been added to prevent players from dying when they have a bad connection. If their connection is not stable for 1 second the protection will kick in.

  • Characters are now saved to a backup location when they die. This enables them to be recovered in emergency situations

  • New music added from Fermus for the shore and cave quests

  • Added support to hide your email on the login screen (by request from streamers)

  • Etherscape is now registered for streaming on Twitch

  • Bug fixes for ~15 issues found by playtesting and player reports

Next Focus

  • Several new multiverse collaborations are coming soon!

  • Preparation for open alpha such as managed wallets and the gem market

  • Skill tree reset functionality

  • Refactor the merchant for better usability and scale

  • Adding in NPC's and a basic tutorial experience

December 2023 Release (0.8.1)


  • Exclusive seasonal event added for December to earn "Winter's Gift" using the exclusive "Winter Essence" in the Etherforge.

  • Community Wallet is implemented and accumulating funds for community initiatives. The balance of the wallet can be viewed in game be opening the wallet window and selecting the "C" button.

  • Heroic fragments now can be earned from heroic quests and forged into Heric Marks for account bonuses.

  • Added the initial support for the in-game marketplace allowing browsing items for sale in game and easily compare how they impact your build. Much more work is still required to polish this feature up.

  • Orbs now float towards the player until they are collected. Also, made major performance improvements to how they are handled on the server and over the network.

  • Massive balanced adjustments for high levels

    • The total health for enemies above level 10 has been dramatically reduced.

    • Enemies now gain "crowed resistance" when more than 1 player is near them. Learn more here.

    • Enemies after level 10 have a higher chance to drop items per each level.

    • The amount of XP required to get to level 10 and to earn a soul shard was increased.

    • Tuned orb drop rates to be more balanced especially at high levels.

    • The magic find bonuses for high level quests have been changed to be a multiple of your characters magic find rating instead of a static value. You can see the new amounts here.

    • Players are now prevented from joining quests which are more than 2 levels above or below their current level (except at level 10 there is no limit how high you can go).

    • Players "stun resistance" is now limited to the length of time they are stunned plus 1 second.

    • Enemies get "stun resistance" equal to double the time they are stunned for.

    • The average life steal that can roll on an item has been reduced.

    • The apply venom skill had its power reduced to be more balanced.

  • Server configurations have been migrated to a database to be less error prone and easier to update.

  • Old Ethereum based Enjin Platform code has been removed.

  • Push notifications are now hooked in making minting items in game faster.

  • Optimized the mail system to handle "global mail" that goes to every player in the game.

  • Fixed a long-standing bug causing players to get stuck in an attack animation loop without actually attacking.

  • Fixed an issue causing many skills not to trigger life steal.

  • Potions are now allowed to be used while silenced.

  • Fixed a bug in the energy per orb stat causing it not to work correctly.

  • Summoned enemies are no longer counted towards completing a quest.

  • ~10 other small fixes for reported issues.

Next Focus

  • Support for Wallet Connect and a Gem marketplace.

  • Support for the Enjin Metaverse collection.

  • Improvements to Enemy AI types.

  • Support for fuel tanks.

  • Support for managed wallets (Open Alpha prep).

  • Some other secret goodies...

November 2023 Release (0.7.1)


  • New quest variety requiring completing tasks on each level of the quest.

  • New quest task types

    • Find quest key

    • Find count of quest items from enemies

    • Kill enemies

    • Kill elite enemies

    • Kill boss

    • Open cursed chest

  • New "Cursed Chest" encounter replaces the old "Gold Chest" objective.

  • New UI show current quest objective progress.

  • New UI to pin achievements to track progress.

  • Added Heroic Quests which give Heroic Bonust Chest reward rolls.

  • Added Heroic Keys used to start Heroic Quests.

  • Heroic Keys can be crafted using resources including gems.

  • Added Sacred Legendary and Ascended Legendary item types.

  • Add new achievements providing utility based on how many Imperial Sovereigns your wallet is holding.

  • Added Titles which can be set from the inventory details window and display to all players in game.

  • Added new resource drops which provide random daily resources and are earned by holding Imperial Sovereigns.

  • Mini map can now expand to a large size.

  • Players can now put a pin in the mini map to path find for them.

  • Removed lighting from the mini map so it is easy to see the whole map.

  • Increased the difficulty of daily and weekly achievements and increased their associated rewards.

  • Crafting now uses a concept of "crafting power" instead of specifying the exact item level that will be crafted.

  • Item drops were adjusted such that level 10 items are rarer. Level 10 drop chance reaches 100% from level 15 and higher enemies.

  • UI size can now be adjusted from the settings.

  • Epic/Legendary items have special start icon on the mini map.

  • Gems now have Bound and Unbound varieties. Only Unbound gems can be sold on the market.

  • Reflect damage was balanced by adding reflect resistance for enemies level 11 and up.

  • Added safety prompt before selling items that are epic or better.

  • Enchanter now shows all the possible stats that could be rolled for a given item.

  • Attack power now shows both single and all projectile calculations.

  • Added a chat command to see the ping latency

  • ~40 various bug fixes.

Next Focus

  • Platform improvements based on Enjin releases

    • Improve handling of wallet changes during gameplay

    • Add Gem marketplace

  • Add support for community wallet

  • Prepare the first seasonal event with unique limited items

  • Support for the Enjin Metaverse collection

  • Improvements to Enemy AI types

  • Refactor for energy and ability system

  • Balance updates for difficult and loot for level 11+

  • Maybe some other surprises...

October 2023 Release (0.6.1)


  • New quest launching system with a full screen map

  • Quest keys added to influence quest generation

  • Level scaling up to level 19 in place (up from level 13)

  • New social window to view all players on the server

  • Added ability to teleport to a given players location

  • Added ability to whisper message a specific player

  • Clicking on a whisper message will automatically generate a whisper back message

  • New commands in the chat box including whisper and time

  • Revamped the settings window to make room for more options

  • Added ability to remap all of the keys based on preference

  • Added settings for auto salvage or auto selling items

  • Added settings for other preferences such as always showing item name tags

  • Debugged with Enjin and picked up new bug fixes in the SDK

  • New player usage metrics added to track game engagement

  • Added a bunch of new help window articles for new players

  • Added safety prompt before salvaging epic and legendary items

  • Tooltips now show the total count of their resource type where appropriate

  • Gold stack max size is increased from 100k to 250k

  • Right click to unequip and item added

  • Volatile ability was balanced for both players and enemies

  • Major fix to bug in poison damage calculation (poison will do much more damage now)

  • ~20 bug fixes based on alpha player feedback and paly testing

Next Focus

  • Improve the variety of quest/adventure types

  • New metaverse collaborations

  • Improved utility for Imperial Sovereigns

  • New governance proposal

  • Whever else fits!

September 2023 Release (0.5.1)


  • Migration to the new Enjin Matrixchain completed

  • Beam is functional

    • First loot drops have been distributed

  • Crafting station shipped based on governance voting

    • First recipes allow crafting items up to epic rarity

  • All tokens are now read by the server and give utility based on their token id and reserve

  • New help window that explains how to play the game

  • New Soul Jar NFT which grants +1 character slots

  • New Lucky Charm and Lucky Clover NFT's to grant magic find and gold drop bonuses

  • Summoning Power can now be rolled on random loot drops

  • Fixed stash duplication bugs and added new protection against this kind of bug

  • Fixed bugs in enchanting preventing it from working

  • Fixed bugs with items that have the legacy cooldown percent magic property

  • Fixed bug causing character stats to now always show up in the inventory

Next Focus

  • Metaverse collaborations

  • Improve the variety of quest/adventure types

  • Improve social and chat tools in game

  • Whatever else there is time for!

August 2023 Release (0.4.1)


  • Added new skill trees to classes

  • Renamed existing classes

  • Added new playable classes unlocked with tokens

    • Knight

    • RedHorn

    • Ravenman

    • Ogre

  • New stamina resource type for characters

    • You can sprint by holding shift

    • You can dash by pressing space

  • New resources type of energy

  • Skills no longer have cooldowns, but use energy instead

  • Enemies drop orbs which restore energy

  • New magic properties that items can be rolled with

    • Max Stamina

    • Stamina Regen

    • Max Energy

    • Energy per Orb Percent

    • Stamina per Energy (from orbs)

    • Health per Energy (from orbs)

    • Reduced Level Requirement

    • Summon Power (make summoned creatures stronger)

  • Summoned creatures now follow the character that summoned them

  • Accounts now have multiple character slots which can be switched between

  • The first governance proposal has been completed

  • Upgraded the Enjin platform to the latest release

  • Fixed a bug which caused resources to get duplicated when the inventory was full

  • Over a dozen other bug fixes for issues found in the July release

Next Focus

  • New crafting station (from passed governance proposal)

  • Improve the variety of quest types

  • Whatever else there is time for!

July 2023 Release (0.3.1)


  • New mail system allowing delivery of messages and items

  • Failed minting attempts will now return items via the mail system

  • Luxury Merchant is now live accepting gems as the currency

  • First account upgrade items for sale are Imperial Sovereigns and Stash Chests

  • Large balance changes focusing on difficulty of level 10+

  • New level 11+ quests which provide bonus magic and gold find

  • Enjin Platform upgraded to the public release version from beta

  • Items listed on market can now be played with in game

  • Governance proposal for Sept release has been configured for voting in early August

  • 20+ bug fixes

Next Focus

  • Add class trees which allow spending ability points for abilities and stats

  • Change the mechanics of how abilities recharge to use energy/orbs instead of timeouts

  • Get the community wallet bootstrapped for viewing

June 2023 Release


  • Minting items using The Etherforge is now working end to end on Efinity

  • Added Gems resource which are required for doing blockchain transactions like minting

  • New achievements system with daily and weekly achievements. Achievements allow you to earn additional resources including the new Gems resource.

  • Added more attack projectile diversity to enemy types

  • Added many more cinematic moments in the game around death, resurrection, boss fights and minting items.

  • Captured gameplay for the trailer (to be released soon!)

  • Improvements to server release automation

  • New features based on alpha feedback in the previous build

    • Moving with arrow keys along with wasd

    • Show time left for the quest by the minimap

    • Show icons for active buffs/debuffs on your character and on enemies

  • TONS of bug fixes across the board. I won't list them all, but there are around 40-50

Next Focus

  • Add a mail system which can be used to distribute messages and rewards to players in game

  • Change the mechanics of how abilities recharge to use energy/orbs instead of timeouts

  • Get Luxury Merchant working on Efinity for account upgrades

  • Run the first round of governance voting to decide on a player driven focus area

May 2023 Release


  • New enemy attack types including homing and grenade projectiles

  • Efinity login process working end to end

  • Official Efinity collection up and running on (beta link)

  • Improved server finder with more details including number of connected players

  • New server release pipeline improvements to prepare to scale up in Alpha

  • Servers will now automatically update and restart on errors

  • Improved validation checks during initial client connection

  • Got basic client setup running on Windows Store, but am investigating Epic Store instead

  • Large amount of play testing with significant balance adjustments

  • Large number of bugs fixed

  • Gathering content to create the first official trailer

Next Focus

  • Get alpha players into the game!

  • Incorporate Efinity features as they go live to light up beam and the Etherforge

  • Add a mail system which can be used to distribute messages and rewards to players in game

  • Change the mechanics of how abilities recharge to use orbs instead of timeouts

  • Filling out more gameplay features with play testing

April 16th, 2023


  • Got Efinity backend running with test items minted on chain

  • Released Item Explorer for viewing Efinity NFT's from The Etherscape

  • Added the ability to town portal

  • Added enchanter merchant who can adjust one property of an item for a fee

  • Added chat support for sending messages to players on a map

  • 2 new cloth armor sets added

  • The world now runs on a day and night cycle in which 1 day lasts 1 hour in real world time

  • Added some improvements to the town map to make it more visibly appealing

  • Performance improvements to make sure server doesn't skip when loading new levels

  • All levels now have a timeout to complete them

  • Levels are generated in a more even distribution based on the level of the players connected to the server

  • Prepared the code to produce a client only build which removes unnecessary server functionality

  • Experimented with releasing using the Windows Store

  • Fixed ~16 bugs found during playtesting

Next Focus

  • Continue implementation of Efinity features on chain as they are released by the Efinity team

  • Change the mechanics of how abilities recharge to use orbs instead of timeouts

  • Get an alpha version of the client released (likely on Windows Store)

  • Prepare the server code for 24x7 uptime in Azure

  • Lots of play testing and bug fixes

  • Add a mail system which can be used to distribute messages and rewards to players in game

February 19th, 2023


  • Added support for governance with community voting using imperial sovereigns

  • Account creation workflow added for new players

  • Added new tile maps and blacksmithing sprites into the town

  • Enemies can now spawn as different elite spawns with increase power and better loot drops

  • Huge improvements to the map generation tech and new larger maps added to the game

  • New title art created to get ready to go public

  • Support for alpha contracts which grant access to the game servers in alpha state.

  • New luxury merchant that sells account upgrades

  • Added support for unity lobby to enable server discovery

  • Pre-work to prepare to release the game client into the public

  • A bunch of various bug fixes

Next Focus

  • Add Gems currency for players that don't want to procure crypto

  • Evaluate migrating to Efinity for blockchain support

  • Improvements to enemy and elite enemy variety

  • Improvements to quest generation variety

  • Increased player class variety with account upgrades

January 1st, 2023


  • Improved the etherforge to require specific recipes based on the item type

  • Etherforge automation improved to run touch free on its own server

  • Added Merchants to buy and sell items from

  • Added the ability to salvage items to get resources used in crafting

  • Attacking is now continuous when the attack button is held down

  • New account upgrades to increase stash size

  • Changed that way character movement and projectiles are interpolated to be more accurate.

  • Level ups now trigger properly and are balanced better

  • UI improvements for dealing with inventory / stash / merchants

  • Dozens of bug fixes from play testing on using the real server

  • Huge amount of balance tweaks from playtesting

Next Focus

  • Crafting to allow re-rolling specific stats on an item

  • End game missions above level 10 with boosted rewards

  • Champion enemy types with added difficulty and better loot drops

November 9th, 2022


  • Improved quests to have boss types which fully function

  • Got all types of abilities working over the network

  • Improved the way random items are generated to be more balanced and to include all property types

  • Made weapons able to have multiple attack patterns such as multiple projectiles

  • Damage now has multiple types including fire, ice, electric and poison

  • Calculate attack and defense ratings for items for easy comparisons

  • Show full stats for player on inventory screen

Next Focus

  • Get level ups for characters working properly

  • Add merchants to buy and sell items

  • Add salvaging to get crafting materials

  • Playtest to prepare for the first alpha release

October 18th, 2022


  • Initial game server is up and running in Azure.

  • Minting servers and login servers are successfully running in Azure.

  • Underworld experience of respawning as different classes is working.

  • Revamped the town experience.

  • The town now spawns randomly generated quests with a quest map for travel.

  • Most game abilities have now been converted to work over the network properly.

Next Focus

  • Get Boss encounters fully working over the network.

  • Improve the diversity of quest generation and enemy types used.

  • Add Dialogue to NPC's.

  • Get player leveling experience working properly.

  • Add multiple attack projectile varieties.

  • Improve diversity and randomness of properties on item drops.

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