Gem Market

Gems are the premium in game currency used for block chain operations and premium content access in game. Gems are used for the following activities...

  • Minting items into NFT's using the Etherforge

  • Crafting premium content keys for Heroic Quests and The Arena.

  • Purchasing NFT account upgrades from the Luxury Merchant

  • Resetting a character's skill tree

Types of Gems

There are two variations of gems which are described below. The purpose of separating out Bound from Unbound gems is to prevent gold farmers from reducing the value of gems on the market.


Unbound Gems

Unbound gems can be obtained by purchasing at the market or by winning them from heroic caches or the arena.

Unbound gems can be used for all cases in game and can also be traded back to ENJ on the market.

Bound Gems

Bound gems can be earned from the daily and weekly achievements as well as heroic caches and the arena.

Bound gems cannot be sold at the market.

Buying and Selling Gems

You can buy and sell gems by going to the Marketplace and selecting the "gem" icon in the top right corner.

Gems are targeted at $1 USD = 100 gems. The current spot price of ENJ is read by the server in order to determine the current conversion ratio from ENJ to gems. When selling gems to convert them back to ENJ there is a 10% charge.

The ability to sell gems for ENJ is not implemented in the first version of the gem market. It will be coming shortly afterward.

Wallet Connect Process

To purchase gems using ENJ from your private wallet it is necessary to run a transaction on your behalf. In order to do this, we use Wallet Connect. When you click the buy button, it will kick off the process. The transaction window will come with a QR code for you to scan. Scan this QR code using the Enjin Wallet app. After you scan it, you will get a prompt to accept that looks like the following...

After you accept the Wallet Connect session you will then receive a prompt to approve the transaction which looks like this...

After confirming the prompt, the transaction will be submitted to the chain. After the transaction is confirmed on-chain your gems will be sent to your account via the in-game mail system.

There is a known issue with the Enjin Wallet integration with Wallet Connect that can cause the prompts not to show. If that happens to you, hard restart the Enjin Wallet. When you open the app again the prompts should appear.

Market Pricing Model

In the future, a variable pricing model will be introduce for gems. This will cause the price of gems to rise or fall depending on supply and demand. This will enable players the opportunity to get gems at a discount or to sell them at a premium depending on the market conditions. This will also protect the game against certain conditions such as dramatic changes on the price of ENJ. More details about this will be released in the future.

For the time being, this is the fixed gem pricing...

Purchase: $1 USD = 100 gems

Sell: 100 gems = $0.9 USD

You find the legal disclosure about gems here.

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