Clockwork Invasion

Attention all Etherborn! The realm of Etherscape is on high alert as the Steam Brigade gears up for an all-out assault in the much-anticipated Clockwork Invasion event. This isn’t just any skirmish; it’s a full-scale war where the clashing of metal and magic will echo through the ages.

Event Content

The following is available during the clockwork invasion...

  • Quests can be started for the Steam Brigade without needing a key.

  • The Clockwork Invasion world event will spawn every 2 hours.

  • New Iron Colossus raid boss as part of the Clockwork Invasion event.

  • Steam Brigade enemies will drop Cogs used for upgrading Steam Cores.

  • Broken Steam Cores are for sale on (max supply 300).

  • New Clockwork Robot enemy type added to the Steam Brigade arsenal.

Event Rewards

Cogs now drop from Steam Brigade enemies based on to following criteria...

CogImageDrop Criteria

Steam Cog

  • Steam Brigade Enemy

  • Level >= 10

Sturdy Cog

  • Steam Brigade Enemy

  • Level >= 13

  • Epic Elite (10% chance)

  • Boss or Legendary Elite (30% chance)

Master Cog

  • Iron Colossus Enemy

  • Level >= 10 (10%)

  • Level >= 13 (30%)

  • Level >= 15 (100%)

Cogs can be upgraded at the crafting station at a 25:1 rate (with some gold an resources).

Use the cogs you can upgrade your Steam Core using the Etherforge. Here are the recipes for upgrading cores...


Broken Steam Core

Prototype Steam Core

  • 100k Gold

  • 250 Steam Cogs

  • 250 Enchanted Fragments

  • 50 Gems

Functional Steam Core

  • 250k Gold

  • 100 Sturdy Cogs

  • 100 Elemental Matter

  • 100 Gems

Advanced Steam Core

  • 500k Gold

  • 10 Master Cogs

  • 50 Legendary Infusions

  • 200 Gems

Perfected Steam Core

  • 1M Gold

  • 40 Master Cogs

  • 250 Legendary Infusions

  • 300 Gems

Each level of Steam Core can be stacked up to 3 times. So, it is technically possible to get in game benefit from 12 cores if you are holding 3 of each type that provides bonuses.

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